Foundation On-Going Projects

Ongoing Projects are categorized in three Categories, Health & Medical, Availability of Food and Former’s Forum.

1. Health & Medical Center

This Part includes following

  1. Free dispensary
  2. Maternity Home
  3. In Station Specialized Clinics (i-e Free Eye Camp)
    health care

    2. Availability of Food

    This Part includes the following

    1. Free Food for Poor

        3. Farmer’s Forum (Kisan Forum)

        This includes the following Guidance to the general public about

        1. Latest in Seeding
        2. Latest in Technology used in Agriculture
        3. Seedbed Preparations
        4. Best time for Seeding
        5. Methods of Plantation
        6. Balanced Fertilization
        7. Plant Protection
        8. Irrigation
        9. Best Time for Harvesting
        10. Marketing of Crop