MS Welfare foundation of Pakistan is a non-Goveronmental Organization(NGO) which serves Basic Rural dispensary & mentarnity home. Poor pateints get almost free of cost medical treatments and medicine.The NGO looks after 60-80 pateints per day and dispense drugs of basic needs and term chronic illness.Our maternity home serves 20-25 expecting mother per month and it is equipped with ultrasound machine.

We have full staff,visting doctors from different cities,visiting ophthalmologist and on call gynecologist.

Free food is served on regular basis to pateints,attendants  and needy people.

We also guide about the latest techniques of agriculture and profitable ways to  harvest and sale of crops.

MS welfare foundation meets its budget requirements  through donation and sponserships schemes to help people.

Help us to give a new life to patients,needy people and children.

You can change a life by simply contributing Rs 10,000 monthly or less and give hope,joy and a life to people and children.

Following are the things we are doing under foundation umbrella:

  • Free dispensary
  • Child and Mother care
  • Free ultra sound facility
  • Food for the pateints and atendants
  • KISAN forum

Our Foundation Leaders

Muhammad Sadiq


Ahmad Dien (late)